We have a range of study options to suit your aspirations. Courses are made up of fixed modules with the option of electives. This allows a level of customisation to create the perfect course for you.

  1. How are you better than the other classes?

    As they say, “History speaks for itself”, the past achievements would give you a good picture about the reputation of the institute, and would also tell you what extra efforts the institute put in to achieve it."OUR DREAM TEAM" is unmatchable.

  2. Do you offer Demo or Trial class before joining?

    Mantra Education Planet usually offers 3 demo/ trial classes to all students. Just make sure that you select the subject and time of the class so that you get an independent assessment of the quality of teaching.

  3. Do you offer special membership discounts to students?

    Regretfully, Mantra Education are not able to offer student discounts. Please contact us to find out more.

  4. Why Mantra Education?

    Mantra Education work on key points; Excellence in academics, Aptitude, Skills, Competitive exams, Language proficiency and Cultivating Indian values. and these points will help them to groom for every prospective.

  5. What is the feedback structure?

    Mantra Education conduct one-on-one feedback sessions with the students to tell them where they are lacking and need to practice , and the students get the opportunity to share what they feel about their preparation.

  6. What should I do for the Enrollment?

    To enroll in Mantra Education please contact us or come to our office to enroll.